Adaptation to new market circumstances and fast innovation to solve current challenges has proven to be difficult for large organisations. Corporates can be seen as Elephants, heavy, secure and loaded with governance requirements. The Venture Generator believes that impactful innovations for Corporates can be realized considerably faster in a lean and disruptive startup environment. The Elephant dancing with the Mouse.

Combining the Corporate and Startup is a challenge that needs careful guidance. Since 2015 the Venture Generator has built powerful companies and conducted cooperation to realize impactful innovations for Corporates.

Read below the stories of our 1.0 successes. Or switch to our 2.0 initiative: the “Masters of Scale” which we started Summer 2019. Interested to learn more and meet our new team ?

What we do

 We design startups for Corporates by finding innovative, promising ideas from within the Corporate. Taking them out of the company, surround the idea with highly educated young startup entrepreneurs, together we foster the idea in a 3-months Proof of Concept period. We closely work in a team of entrepreneurs, Corporate and the Venture Generator. The result of this phase is a POC that will be presented to the Corporate management board.

The Corporate can decide if they see enough potential value in the proposition to invest in the startup as the first, arms-length Seed Investor. This will give the startup the resources to quickly build a power-team and develop the first commercial products. At the same time the Corporate will be the launching customer and could have a limited exclusivity period.

A new startup has been built and is fully ready to go.


Watch this 3 mins video about how we work

Reference case; Peeeks

Together with Dutch commodity company Eneco we built startup Peeeks and developed an energy trading platform that enabled energy companies to quickly adapt to changing energy needs. Since the start in 2015, Peeeks successfully adapted to changing market situations and has been acquired by Eneco in 2017.

Reference case, Dutch Analytics

Beginning 2016, BAM Rail Infra reached out to the Venture Generator to check their innovative ideas on avoiding unplanned train delays in the Dutch railway system. As a maintenance contractor for Prorail BAM planned to implement an AI based solution to give them insights on the health of track switches and predictions on upcoming disturbances in the railtrack.

The Venture Generator recruited a young team of freshly graduated students with entrepreneural ambitions, gave them the majority of shares in the new formed company so that they would be empowered and motivated to make this a succes.

Whe then surrounded them with an experienced team, while delivering a promising Proof of Concept and securing a Seed round with BAM. By the end of 2016 this new startup, Dutch Analytics, kicked off and has been successful since then. As of 2019 the company is expanding internationally after taking on a second round of Seed funding from BAM Infra Rail and Global Founders Capital.

The business model of the Venture Generator is to exit the company after funding is secured, so it’s stake in the company is now offered to qualified investors.


Reference case: Venture Café

Coming from Boston, US and sponsored by the Municipality of Rotterdam, the social initiative Venture Café aimed to land at Rotterdam. Venture Café being the sister of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) targets to connect local innovators to build innovative initiatives in the Central District of Rotterdam. From the start at late 2015 until today, the weekly Thursday Gathering has over 300 visitors.

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“‘De Manaus-variant is meer dan twee keer zo besmettelijk als het oorspronkelijke virus. Twee keer zo dodelijk voor dertigers tot vijftigers en drie keer zo dodelijk voor twintigers. “

Significantly updated article on Stabilising the COVID Spike. Did @OxfordVacGroup @JennerInstitute make a major error in not stabilising the Spike? The answer to this question is far less clear cut than the Twittersphere will have you believe.

Airbags deploy between 100 & 220 mph (160 and 354 kph). If you ride with your feet on dash, you may send your knees through your eye sockets if the airbag is deployed. Stay safe!
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Because so many of you follow me for vaccine news: Feeling very grateful for having been vaccinated earlier today with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Thank you science and technology people for making this possible!
(under Dutch rules I am obese enough that I'm in a risk group) 1/3

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